Getting a new computer means we would get better performance in our system. Many people prefer to buy a new desktop than upgrading their old one for some reasons. First, the system might too old to be upgraded and needed much money to upgrade the entire component. The second, it might be because they want a new feel on their desktop environment. Yeah its good, but the computer usually lacks some good apps on the system. You cannot do your work easily if you don’t have any good app installed. That is why I would give you some lists for must have apps that you need to install.


The first app that you need to install is the browser app. You probably already have Internet Explorer. But for me it is not enough since it doesn’t have too many features that we can try. That is why I recommend you some good browsers such as Firefox or Chrome because they are supported by many types of extensions that making your browsing experience better. So don’t waste your time and start installing it.


There is no reason to not install this app on your desktop. Windows ecosystem is not that safe than you think. There are lots of malware and virus that ready to attack yours. Some choices that you can depend is Avast, Avira, AVG. or Kaspersky. All of them are having their own good features and having both free and paid version. So its up to you on deciding which one is better in my opinion. You also have to update it regularly when you have it. The easiest thing that you can do is making the automatic update for it.


This is the app that people always forget to install. Remember that Windows does not have in built feature to compress or extract any zip file. So don’t forget to get this one because your job will lot easier in organizing many file into one. For me, 7zip or Winrar is already enough for any daily usage.

Media Player

Using your computer as the source for media entertainment? Then don’t forget about this one because it would be tough for playing some music and videos. My recommendation for video player is VLC player because it has lots of features and support many types of audio and video, so you don’t have to worry anymore on playing any weird media types because it could do everything.