The first and the most important thing that you have to do before installing any new OS is backup all of your important drivers, this is important because the performance on your PC would be depended on it. Some of functions such as WIFI and GPU would not work well when you don’t have any right driver is installed. That is why making a backup is a must because it would be tough to find and reinstall each one of them. Back up by using some specific apps are lot easier since we just need to press one click and everything would be back up. I have some recommendation apps that you can try and all of them are free, so don’t worry.

Slim Driver

This is going to be the best one since it offers lots of important features such as backup and restoring our system in one click. The app is having an amazing interface and I really love it. The only thing that I don’t like here is the ability to not let us to backup any third party app and it would be tough for us if you are using any custom driver. It also making any back up using the ID of computer, so be aware that you might cannot restore it on other computer.


This app is actually pretty good, but they cut everything since the 6 version, so you might not have a full feature on it. But I have to say it’s really good because we can make any backup for our third party driver and it’s easy to do. The minus thing that I get here is the restoring process that takes long time to do, but it is faster when you are using a SSD.


Having it on the third list does not mean make it bad, but this one is probably the best one in term of complete feature and customization in free version. The interface is simple and the function is easy to learn and use. It has everything that you need and I don’t have any complaint for it.


The only case why I put this one here because it has the ability to back up your app easily in offline without having you connect to the internet. Be aware that the app needs some specific framework to be installed so make sure that you already install it on your computer or the app will not run.