There is no better season than the upcoming of summer. I really love summer because I could enjoy playing water on the beach or just eating some hamburgers on the hot day. Beside than those things, there is an activity that families always do in this summer. You probably know right? Yeah, it’s a barbeque party. You cannot start a barbeque party without any good grill on your hands. If you are ready to throw yourself at this thing or you are trying to find any new one for , then you are coming to the right place because I am going to show some types of them. Well, I do not really care because I am just going to find the new model of my old one. You probably wrong because there are many others grill or smoker looks similar, but it’s actually could make your food taste better even than before. If you are ready then, these all of common types of grills that you could find on the market.

Charcoal Grills

This one is probably one of the most popular one because of its great functionalities. The machine uses charcoal briquettes as the source of the fuel. The charcoal grill is actually pretty expensive if you compare it with the gas one and it is also pretty time consuming where you have to prepare the fire before you could start barbequing. But, there is one thing that most people love from it; the natural taste is what many people love from it. We can feel the natural taste from the woods that we use.

This one is highly recommended for people who love a grilled or smoky beef. Those foods are only possible if you make it here. The grills also having a higher temperature which is really good for professional usage, the chef is managing to make many kinds of beef by using this thing.

I do not recommend it if you are not a patient because preparing the grill is already taking almost one hour to prepare. The cleaning process is also pretty annoying because you need to get rid so many dust from it. That is the price if you want this pretty grill.

Gas Grills

Other popular choices of grills, here there are types of source power that able to use. The first one is going to be natural gas or even propane. Sadly, most of products on the market right now are using propane, but luckily we can easily transform it to use natural gas. I recommend you to use a natural use if you have a chance with it because it feels lot convenient and also cost less expensive.

I love gas grills because it does not take much preparation and it is already to use anytime you want. It would be good for impatient people that want to use it as fast as they could. The cleaning process is also easy since you only need to wipe some components.

There are two disadvantages that you will face here. The first one is the taste which is not really too natural, but as long as you are a not a high taste person or not too bothering with some details, then you are good to go. The second, gas is pretty much easy to burn, so please extra careful when you using it.

Portable Grills

I cannot make any choice between charcoal or gas grill because each of them are having their own advantages. Then, this one might be perfect for you since it is able to use propane and charcoal. Plus it is easy to carry around because of its portability. I already have my Masterbuilt 20073716 portable electric smoker as the main unit and this one if I want to bring it somewhere.

I really like this portable machine since it is easy to carry around and really good for such a outdoor party. This is what most people dream for and now making or doing barbeque party is going to be possible anywhere even with limited spaces.

The size is pretty small, so you are only able to cook some foods for your little friends. Do not expect to feed 30 people with this small thing because you are not going to satisfy with it.

Electric Grill

A good choice for indoor and outdoor party because of its electricity power, I could not recommend any better choice than this one if you are busy person since the usage and cleaning process is really simple. It is also having a temperature control where can be controlled as much as you want.

The machine is looks amazing if your area is prohibited on using gas or charcoal grill. You are ready to go as long as you do not really care with price which cost more expensive. I also not be able to talk about the taste because the smoky taste is gone.