Nowadays people seem not to really care on putting of some fruits on their plate. They never really care about it, but they do not want to be sick. We really know that fruit is probably becoming one of the best foods as the source of our nutrition. We should really eat fruits every day because it is not only healthy, but also tasty. My suggestion is, if you do no really like food, then I suggest you to try some of them until you satisfy with the taste. There is no way that you are not going to find some of them. If you are that busy, now I have some good list of fruits that you have to try.


Did you know that apple is pretty good on decreasing the chance for you on getting the diabetes. You probably know that diabetes is pretty dangerous because it would destroy every organ in your body shortly after you get. On the apple it is not contained so many antioxidant that will lower that chance. The taste is also very sweet and might be really good on cleaning of your teeth.


You cannot eat avocado in a raw. Well, you actually could do that, but the taste would not be that great. One thing that you can do here is by making some juices from it by adding some chocolates or sugar on it. Avocado is recommended by many doctors as an alternative food for people who has problem on controlling their cholesterol. I really love using it as the replacement for butter on my sandwich and it feels really good.


Banana is one of favorite foods for many athletes since it giving some extra energy on them because of the potassium on the inside. Many of fruits are having it, but not as much as you could find on the banana. Some of people are having an allergic with this fruit, but it is a special cases which is happened only to some people.

Frozen Fruit

You really know that some fruits only will last for some days. But there is away for making it longer, so we could even save it for a month. Frozen fruit is an alternative that using by many people to make the life of fruits longer. Just go to some local stores I am pretty sure you would find it easily with varied of choices.